When you can’t breathe, that is a bad thing. When you can’t breathe when you fall asleep, that is a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. You can — and should — get treatment for this condition.

In Highland, MI, you can get help at our dentist office. Come talk to us to get these benefits.

1. Better Overall Health

Sleep apnea puts your body in a stressful state. As a result, people with this condition have an increased likelihood of high blood pressure, cardiovascular and heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes. You also are more likely to experience complications if you also have diabetes.

2. More Energy

When you have sleep apnea, breathing stoppages can happen hundreds of times each night. Your body responds to this by waking you up briefly. As a result, you don’t get enough deep sleep, which can leave you feeling fatigued and drowsy throughout the day. With sleep apnea treatment, you can get deep sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

3. Better Relationships

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Your lack of sleep can leave you feeling easily annoyed and irritable. Your snoring (a common symptom of sleep apnea) prevents your loved ones from getting good sleep. That leaves them annoyed and irritable, too. By treating your condition, all of you can get the rest you need and deserve, which can put everyone in a better mood.

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