Now that fall is officially here, it’s the perfect time to get started on your prettier smile with cosmetic dentistry!

You no doubt have plenty of special events filling up your social calendar already. Why not arrive in style with a beautiful, confident smile? At Highland Advanced Dental Care, we can help you do that more quickly and easily than you might think!

That’s what we’re sharing with you in today’s blog. Now’s the perfect time to get a head start on cosmetic dentistry because it’s just before the madness of the holiday season. You might have already mailed back your RSVP for an upcoming outdoor wedding. Or maybe you’ve planned a class reunion.

Beyond that, we know what happens to everyone’s schedule. Your calendar will book up quickly with holiday festivities where there are sure to be plenty of photo ops, and our team in Highland Township wants you to look your best!

So here are three simple ways to get a prettier smile for your upcoming events this season!

A Brighter Fall Smile With Teeth Whitening

Fast, affordable, and effective! Those are just three words to describe one of the easiest smile transformations you can make with professional teeth whitening!

The color of your smile bears the burden of all sorts of things you do throughout your life. From aging, to health conditions and medications, to those morning cups of coffee, the stains can add up over the years.

You can waste your money on one of those store-bought whitening kits or you can get real results at the hands of one of our highly-skilled professionals. Only in a dental office like ours here in Highland Township will you find the kind of dramatic results you’re looking for.

And you can find them in the comfort and convenience of your own home thanks to our take-home trays and prescription strength whitening gel!

Not only can you look years younger, but a whiter smile is sometimes all it takes to look great and feel confident!

A Reason To Smile With Teeth Contouring & Crown Lengthening

Sometimes, time can show itself on your smile just from simple wear and tear on your teeth. That means your tooth surface can start to look uneven, plagued with tiny ridges or dents. Or maybe time isn’t really the issue, but instead, your teeth don’t look as long as they should because they’re smaller than normal or you have excess gum tissue.

Tooth contouring and crown lengthening are simple solutions! By smoothing out the uneven plain on your enamel, your teeth can look flawless. The same is true for crown lengthening. Simply by reshaping your gumline, you’ll have a more balanced smile.

Look Picture Perfect With Tooth Bonding

For some, the flaws and imperfections in your smile can run a bit deeper. When you have cracked, chipped, or gapped teeth, smiling for the camera is something only other people do. You, on the other hand, have become conditioned to recoil and hide in a corner at the first hint of a photo op!

The good news is that tooth bonding can correct those flaws easily and affordably. With tooth-colored resin, our team can cover minor chips and cracks and fill small gaps between your teeth and shape them to perfection. This is a great cosmetic treatment for a smile that looks completely made over without having to endure multiple treatments.

Get Started On Your Prettier Smile For Fall

By getting started with a cosmetic consultation today, you can have a prettier smile well before your social calendar fills up this season! You can sit down with one of our trained professionals to figure out which cosmetic treatment is the right one to give you a more beautiful, confident smile for your next special event.

Whether it’s a simple take-home whitening treatment, a more balanced smile with contouring and reshaping, or a transformed smile free from minor damage with tooth bonding, you’re sure to find the cosmetic solution for the smile you’ve always wanted!

Get started now by giving us a call at Highland Advanced Dental Care today! You can reach our Highland Township, MI office at 248-329-3552 or fill out our web form.