With the kids back in school and the fall season in full swing, it can be easy to forget about taking care of your teeth.

The professional dental team at Highland Advanced Dental Care offers you plenty of ways to help you with your smile care. With this blog, we want to point out three specific ways that you can take care of your smile this season.

Keep Up With Your Routine Checkups

Most of us know that we should brush twice a day and floss at least once in order to keep a great-looking smile. However, it’s just as important to visit Dr. LoCascio twice a year for a routine dental cleaning and exam.

Doing so allows him and our team to keep an eye on your oral health. We can spot small oral problems and provide treatment for them before they have a chance to worsen. Problems such as cavities and gum disease are easily managed when they’re still in the early stages, but can require much more invasive treatment if left alone.

Plus, after your exam, we may recommend preventive care such as fluoride treatment or tooth sealants. These services can help prevent cavities and disease from taking root and help you avoid the need for additional dental work later on.

Straighten & Strengthen Your Smile

It’s no secret that cosmetic dentistry can give you a more beautiful smile – our team offers you many ways to improve the look of a tired and worn smile. But did you know that cosmetic treatment such as orthodontics can play a key role in helping you maintain a healthy smile?

Teeth that are crooked and uneven create spaces where plaque and tartar can form, potentially causing tooth decay and gum disease. When you straighten your teeth with ClearCorrect, you even out your smile line and make it much easier to keep your teeth clean and germ-free through regular brushing and flossing. A straight smile equals a more healthy smile!

Keep Your Smile Intact With a Professional Mouthguard

Even though fall sports are well underway, it’s never too late to protect your or your child’s pearly whites. Don’t settle for mouth protection from a store-bought mouthguard. No matter what good things the package may say about an over-the-counter appliance, a custom-fit mouthguard from Highland Advanced Dental Care will perform better, fit more comfortably, and last longer than a mass-produced unit.

Don’t risk your or your family member’s oral health. See us soon to get the top-quality mouthguard you deserve. You may well save yourself some pain as well as money spent on dental repair!

We also offer mouthguards to help prevent bruxism (teeth grinding). These custom devices will fit comfortably in your mouth while you sleep to keep your teeth apart. Avoid having to have restorative dentistry to repair damage done by grinding your teeth in your sleep.

Do all you can this season to keep your smile safe. Call us today at 248-329-3552 to schedule an appointment. You can also request an appointment using our online form.