We’re reaching the end of the year. Late December is a great time for everyone to begin thinking about goals and dreams for the coming year. Are there things you did well in 2016? Or would you like to try something new in 2017? As a Highland Township, Michigan, dentist, I think about the health of my community every single day. Next year might be the year you decide to officially change your health. Or get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Achieving a beautiful smile is much easier than you may think. Today I want to share four ways you can have the smile you have always wanted by this time next year. You don’t have to spend years enduring painful treatments to get the smile you have always wanted. We have modern technology and tools to give you a beautiful smile; whether we’re whitening the teeth, straightening the teeth, or covering chips, cracks, or staining. Here’s my list.

  • Straighten Teeth Without Fixed Brackets or Wires. You don’t have to wear uncomfortable metal brackets or wires to achieve healthy, straight teeth. You can straighten your teeth with a treatment known as ClearCorrect, a method that uses a series of clear aligners to move teeth into a more appropriate position. Conventional braces typically take more than two years to move teeth into a better position. ClearCorrect treatment only takes about 12 to 18 months, but you’ll begin seeing the positive effects long before the treatment is finished.
  1. Whiten Your Teeth in the Comfort of Your own Home. Teeth whitening is one of easiest ways to change your smile. We have been using whitening treatments for many years. It’s safe and affordable and effective. For our at-home whitening services, you’ll come to our office where you’ll design a custom appliance. The mouthpiece wis crafted so the bleaching gel can evenly reach every tooth. You’ll then wear the whitening trays and gels for a few minutes every day for about two whitening. Some patients see the shade of their teeth improve between eight to 10 shades.
  • Use Bonding to Cover Small Chips, Cracks. Sometimes even the tiniest chips or cracks in the teeth can disrupt a good smile. We can eliminate this small problems with a process known as dental bonding. The bonding material is strong and matches the natural color of your tooth. Bonding is not as strong as veneers or crowns, but the treatment does not require us to remove structure.
  • Cover Flaws in Teeth in Two Dental Visits. Teeth whitening treatments sometimes can’t remove the deepest dental stains. And dental bonding cannot cover the larger chips or cracks in the tooth. Some patients come to us with cracks in their teeth, damaged teeth, or even misshapen teeth. Veneers, which are thin shells made from porcelain, can address all of these issues and more. We can place dental veneers in two dental visits. We’ll first remove a small bit of enamel and take an impression of the teeth that need to be restored. You’ll then wear a temporary restoration while your permanent veneer or veneers are being fabricated. Our veneers are strong, durable, and do not stain.

Cosmetic dental treatments are affordable can be completely in as little as one dental visit. We can work with you to help create a smile that you’ll be proud of. If you have less than ideal teeth, it’s OK. We can help. Call our office today at 248-329-3552 or use our online form to book a visit.