Here’s Why TMJ Treatment Is A Blessing! [BLOG]

You’re trying to get ready for Thanksgiving, but the nagging pain in your jaw is becoming more and more distracting. It’s hard to feel the spirit of gratitude we all try to reflect upon this time of year if chronic pain and soreness are occupying your thoughts most of the day. Your ...

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Prepare Your Smile For The Holidays [Infographic]

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s important to remember that your smile matters. It affects your self-confidence, your ability to interact with friends, and even the health of your mouth. Dr. LoCascio and his team are trained to identify and offer solutions for problems of the smile. You ...

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Meet Helen, Our Office Manager [photo]

You may not always see Helen when you’re here for your checkups, but as our office manager, she keeps everything around here running smoothly. She loves her job and has worked with Dr. LoCascio since 1988! If you have a question about your treatment or financial arrangements, Helen will always be ...

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Get Your Smile Back With a Full-Mouth Reconstruction

As a long-time dentist in the Highland area, Dr. James LoCascio understands the struggles that failing and missing teeth create for his patients. It’s no fun when you go out to eat with friends of that special someone and you have to pick and choose from the menu. Plus, it’s embarrassing to ...

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Don’t Fear the Dentist [blog]

You most likely know that you should visit the dentist every six months for a checkup. Dentists far and wide tell their patients to come in regularly so that they can keep an eye on their oral health. If we find any problems during your exam, we can provide treatment to help you avoid bigger ...

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Could You Benefit From a Dental Restoration? [quiz]

If your bite and your smile aren’t in great shape these days, the pro team at Highland Advanced Dental Care can help with a dental restoration. Dr. LoCascio and his staff offer several types of restorative dentistry, including: Dental Crowns and Bridges Dental Implants Dentures ...

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Be Nice to Your Smile – It’s National Dental Hygiene Month

You may not be aware of it, but October is National Dental Hygiene Month. That means it’s time to seriously take your oral health into consideration. At Highland Advanced Dental Care, we always strive to deliver our patients the best smile care possible when they come in for a visit. Now, we ...

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You’ll Love Our High-Tech Dental Office [photo]

Highland Advanced Dental Care lives up to its name – we’re a high-tech dental office! When you make us your go-to smile care professionals, you’ll have access to some of the latest dental tools, including: Digital X-rays that expose you to less radiation Digital scanning for creating ...

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3 Ways to Keep Your Smile Safe & Healthy

With the kids back in school and the fall season in full swing, it can be easy to forget about taking care of your teeth. The professional dental team at Highland Advanced Dental Care offers you plenty of ways to help you with your smile care. With this blog, we want to point out three specific ...

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3 Big Reasons to Choose ClearCorrect

The team here at Highland Advanced Dental Care wants you to know that it’s never too late to straighten your crooked smile. We treat patients with ClearCorrect who, for a variety of reasons, never received orthodontic care earlier in life. Perhaps finances kept you from getting treatment, or ...

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