Get A Stable Solution For Missing Teeth [Infographic]

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you may be remembering last year’s feast. Were you able to eat all of the foods you enjoy? Or did you have to pass on certain dishes because you knew your toothless mouth couldn’t handle them? Set yourself up for a carefree holiday season with dental implant solutions from Highland Advanced Dental Care. Dental implants in Highland Township has never ...

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Use 2018’s Dental Insurance Benefits Before They Expire

2019 begins at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day, and your 2018 dental insurance benefits expire at the exact same instant. These are benefits that you almost certainly pay for, and those benefits are yours to use for any covered dental treatment. At Highland Advanced Dental Care in Highland Township, MI, we help our patients get the maximum value from the dental insurance they pay for. ...

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Hear Lynette Discuss The Chao Pinhole® Technique [Video]

When dealing with receding gums, there is no procedure more effective than the Chao Pinhole® Technique. This incredible solution is available at Highland Advanced Dental Care. Hear one of our patients discuss her experience. You can trust the Pinhole technique because it is faster and more comfortable than traditional treatments for gum recession. It also results in a faster healing time! Call ...

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Fight Diabetes With A Healthy Mouth [BLOG]

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and we’d like to take some time to talk about how that affects our dental patients. Yes, you read that correctly. There are very strong ties between oral health and overall health, especially for patients who live with diabetes. Today, we want to take some time an unpack these connections so that you have a better idea of exactly how the health of your ...

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Gum Recession Treatment Made Easy

Healthy gums closely surround and help support your teeth. But bad things can happen to good gums which leads them to pull away from teeth. Not only does that detract from your smile, it can cause dental problems. If you’re experiencing receding gums that expose the roots of your teeth, contact Dr. James LoCascio at Highland Advanced Dental Care in Highland Township, MI. Causes Of Receding ...

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Jack L. Kept His Teeth Thanks To Dr. LoCascio

Jack was starting his 50’s when he began experiencing widespread dental problems. After being told that he should have all his natural teeth pulled and get dentures, he consulted Dr. James LoCascio of Highland Advanced Dental Care in Highland Township, MI. Two to three years later, Jack still has his natural teeth, and he couldn’t be happier. For simple or complex dental needs, trust Dr. ...

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Do Your Missing Teeth Make You Afraid To Smile? [Quiz]

If you’ve been to our Highland Township, MI dentist office before, you’ve likely chatted with your hygienist or another team member about a lot of things. This time of year, we love to hear about our patients’ fall and Halloween plans! Some patients appreciate a good night of fright more than others, full of scary movies and haunted houses. Fear is fun for many this time of year, but the ...

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5 Tips For Better Brushing And Flossing

You’ve probably hear the old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That holds true for tooth and gum problems. Brushing and flossing are the best ways to help prevent dental problems. Dr. James LoCascio at Highland Advanced Dental Care in Highland, MI is pleased to present these five tips to help you have a healthy mouth. Tip #1: Choose Your Tool Wisely Your tooth enamel ...

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Happy National Orthodontic Health Month!

October is National Orthodontic Month. This isn’t one of the best-known “national” months, but it’s no less important for that. Currently, more than one million adults in the U.S. are undergoing orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth. Those adults are correcting their bite problems, closing gaps between teeth, and aligning teeth to look better, fit together better, and help them ...

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What Happened To My Gums, And How Can I Fix It?

At the risk of stating the obvious, your gums are pretty important. They’re designed to closely surround teeth, acting to keep disease-causing bacteria from getting to the vulnerable areas beneath. Your gums also help stabilize your teeth which is important to your bite and your ability to chew. But sometimes gum tissue recedes, pulling back from its original position. If you have receding ...

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