When spring rolls around, people start thinking about renewal, change, clearing out and cleaning up. You ever wonder why you see so many yard sales in the spring? People are letting go of all the stuff they accumulated over the long winter.

Since spring is the lead-up to summer, people also start thinking about making improvements to the way they look. They start diets, spend a lot of money on the newest hairstyles, and go shopping for the latest fashions. Some people opt for a complete makeover.

If you’ve got all that self-improvement on the brain too, why change the one thing that can have the biggest impact on the way you look? Give yourself a smile makeover!

At Highland Advanced Dental Care in Highland Township, MI we can give you a smile makeover that you’ll be proud of.

Come in for a consultation and we’ll assess your smile and go over the options available to you. In the meantime, here are a few options to think about.

Tooth Bonding

If you’d like a procedure that gives you great results in a short amount of time, consider tooth bonding. You can walk in with chipped, cracked, and stained teeth, get expertly-applied dental bonding from Dr. LoCascio, and walk out after a single session looking great!

Dental bonding uses a composite resin that’s tinted to match the shade of your teeth. It’s applied, shaped, smoothed, and then hardened. It’s an excellent and fairly durable cosmetic solution.

Dental Veneers

This is another fast and easy way to get a gorgeous smile. Dental veneers are very thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the fronts of your teeth. The porcelain in the veneers is a good choice because:

  • It’s strong and durable.
  • It’s translucent. That means it will reflect light like your natural teeth.
  • It can exactly match the shade of your existing teeth. You can also choose to get the veneers on all your teeth, giving you a brilliant, brand-new smile.

Veneers are sometimes called “instant orthodontics” because they can perfectly cover cracks, chips, and stains. They can also be used to close small, unsightly gaps between teeth and to make somewhat irregular teeth appear straight.

Because they’re bonded to your teeth, veneers strengthen teeth and help protect them against further damage.

Teeth Whitening

Our teeth can get stained and lose their whiteness because of foods, beverages, and smoking. Sometimes medications you’ve taken, like antihistamines or some antibiotics, can discolor your teeth.

While it’s tempting to use over-the-counter products to whiten your teeth, you won’t see the results you’ll get with professional-strength whitening gels and specially made whitening trays.

Teeth Contouring / Crown Lengthening

There is more to having a beautiful smile than just white teeth. Your teeth could have slight imperfections like ridges and bumps or they could be shaped irregularly. Details like that can detract from the beauty of your smile.

It’s a fairly simple procedure in which Dr. LoCascio reshapes your teeth by safely removing tiny amounts of enamel. This procedure, also called enameloplasty, can fix minor imperfections.

Since enamel doesn’t contain any nerves, the procedure is painless.

Gum Reshaping

Something else that can detract from your smile has to do with your gums. Your gums can cover too much of your teeth, making the gums out of proportion to teeth size. Dr. LoCascio can reshape your gumline to expose more of your teeth. You can get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Gum Recession Treatment

Another issue with gums is that they can recede and throw off the balance of your smile. Dr. LoCascio is trained in the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique which uses tiny pinholes in the gums rather than incisions.

Using those pinholes, Dr. LoCascio will reposition your gums further onto your teeth so you’ll get a more balanced smile. This is another one of those procedures that give you fast results. The healing time is shorter because there are no sutures to worry about.

Smile Makeover

Why don’t you kick off the spring season by making an appointment at Highland Advanced Dental Care in Highland Township, MI. Nothing can change the way you look more than a smile makeover.

We can fix many, if not all, of the problems you see when you look in the mirror. Call us today at 248-329-3552 to schedule your next appointment, or use our convenient online form.