It’s not easy to lose one of your permanent teeth, but it does happen. Gum disease can make teeth fall out. You could have a bad accident that knocks one out. You can even have a tooth extracted if it’s too damaged or infected to save. Call us today at 248-329-3552 to get the replacement tooth you need.

Why Replacing Lost Teeth Is Important

When you do not have all of your teeth, your smile can’t function right. You can have trouble chewing and even talking. Food can collect in that space, increasing your risk for tooth decay or gum disease. Lastly, it makes your smile look worse.

By calling Dr. LoCascio today at 248-329-3552, you can schedule an appointment for restorative dentistry. After 35 years in dentistry, Dr. LoCascio can expertly exam your teeth and work with you to find the best solution.

Here are some of the tooth replacement options available at our Highland, MI dental office.

Five Ways To Replace Missing Teeth

1. Dental bridges: Dental crowns are amazing things. They’re used in so many different ways to help your smile. In a dental bridge, you get three dental crowns. One is used as the replacement tooth. It fills the gap and makes your smile look great again. Instead of any surgery, the other two dental crowns are used to hold the replacement in the gap.

The two other crowns are placed on the teeth on either side of the gap. The replacement tooth is bonded to these crowns, holding it securely in the gap. By calling us today, you can schedule your next appointment for a dental bridge.

2. Dental implants: One drawback of a dental bridge is that it does not come with a root. Your natural teeth have roots that go into your jawbone. This gives teeth strength and durability. It also stimulates your bone tissue, helping keep your jawbone healthy.

Dental implants include an artificial root. This is surgically implanted in your jawbone. Dr. LoCascio holds a fellowship from the International Congress of Oral Implantology. He has advanced training in dental implants and can help ensure yours fits perfectly in your smile.

3. Removable dentures: If the gap in your smile is much more than a single missing tooth, dentures can be a great choice for you. Partial dentures replace several teeth in a row, while full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth (all of the teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth).

Call us today to restore your smile with removable dentures. Both full dentures and partial dentures are removable. Dr. Locascio will ensure they fit comfortably on your gums so you can have your smile back.

4. Implant-secured dentures: Removable dentures use suction and adhesives to stay on your gums. However, those can start to fail, especially if you’re eating chewy, tough foods. This means your dentures can move around in your mouth. They can even fall out.

By calling our Highland, MI dental office today, you can make sure your dentures stay put. With implant-secured dentures, the implants are not connected with dental crowns. Instead, they attach to your dentures. This holds your dentures in place so they won’t move.

5. All-on-4® implants: These are similar to implant-secured dentures. You’ll get a full arch of replacement teeth held in place by four dental implants. The difference is a patented way of placing those implants in your jawbone.

As a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Dr. LoCascio knows how to use All-on-4 implants effectively. Two are put near the front of your mouth. The other two are closer to where your molars would be. These implants are surgically placed at a special angle. This gives you even greater stability and security with your replacement teeth.

The Replacement Teeth Will Look Great

All of the options above come with replacement teeth made to look just like your natural teeth. They will be colored to match the shade of your existing teeth. This means they will look natural in your smile. The replacement teeth are also as tough and durable as your natural ones.

Regardless of which option you chose, you will be able to fill gaps in your smile with beautiful, strong replacement teeth. Finally, your smile will be whole again. Call us today at 248-329-3552 for your next appointment to fill that gap in your smile.