We began this month by telling you about Mary, who spent her life caring for her family. Once her family was out of the house, Mary was finally able to spend some time focusing on herself. She knew that she needed some help with her smile, so she called the office. What she discovered astounded her.

The extent of Mary’s neglect was much larger than she had realized. She was heartbroken. Not only was she missing a couple of teeth, but she was going to need even more removed. She felt like things could only get worse until she heard the doctor say, “dental implants.”

As Mary listened to all of the benefits and options that dental implants present, she was sure that it was a high-quality solution for her concerns. Now that the kids were out of the house, Mary had the budget to give herself the gift of a brand new smile.

You can do the same.

Have a Healthy Smile By the Holidays

You may not be thinking this far ahead yet, but the holiday season begins in just a few months. Can you imagine enjoying roasted turkey and ham without worrying about your teeth? Can you imagine waking up on a snowy morning with your family without worrying about putting your teeth in first? Can you imagine laughing with your friends during a shopping trip without worrying that your teeth are ajar?

Stop imagining. Make this your reality.

Start today by calling 248-329-3552. Ask to schedule a dental implants consultation with Dr. LoCascio and get started on your journey to a beautiful smile just in time for the holiday season.

Let’s Take a Look at Your Next Steps

Your next step is to call our office to schedule an appointment. While you’re here, Dr. LoCascio and our team will evaluate your mouth and jaw. We will take images of the bone around your missing tooth/teeth. Dr. LoCascio will also sit down and talk to you about what you’d love to see happen with your smile.

Once we understand your goals, we’ll let you know what to expect. It’s likely that you will have options to choose from. Let us explain the pros and cons of each option so that you can make the best decision for your smile.

Think through your options and then give us a call. Schedule your actual treatment to begin. We will get you in as quickly as we can so that you can enjoy your new smile as quickly as possible.

There’s no longer a reason to wait. It’s time to give yourself the best gift you could give: a confident, functioning smile. Experience all of the joy and magic of the holidays with a dental solution that will last for the rest of your life. Call 248-329-3552 or fill out our online form to get started. We can’t wait to see you very soon!