Do you keep your lips closed or avoid smiling “too high” because your gums have pulled back from where they used to be? Are your tooth roots exposed, causing sensitivity and discomfort?

If you’d like to improve the health and appearance of your gumline, contact Highland Advanced Dental Care to learn more about our periodontal care options, including the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique! Our Highland Township, MI dentist office is the first general dentistry practice in the state to offer this innovative gum recession treatment!

The Chao Pinhole Technique Compared To Gum Grafts

Until recently, the best way to address gum recession was by using a gum graft. This technique is still widely used because of its effectiveness, but there are definitely drawbacks to it, most notably the uncomfortable and lengthy healing process. Here are the steps of a traditional gum graft:

  • A small piece of tissue is taken from the palate for the graft
  • The receding gumline is lifted and pulled back
  • The graft is placed in the affected area and the gumline is pulled back over the graft
  • Sutures are used to hold everything in place during the healing process

Because of all the invasive cutting and suturing, the healing process for a gum graft can take months. Not only will this period be uncomfortable at times, it will also prevent you from eating many of your favorite foods in comfort.

In comparison, the Chao Pinhole technique requires no cutting or stitches whatsoever. If you come to our office for a gum recession treatment, we will:

  • Carefully plan your procedure using state-of-the-art dental technology, like our digital X-rays
  • Numb the area for optimum comfort
  • Create a small pinhole in your gumline above the affected area
  • Use special tools inserted in the pinhole to loosen your gumline
  • Gently pull your gumline back where it needs to be
  • Insert collagen strips to hold your gums in place

The whole process can typically be done in a single appointment. And because there is no cutting or stitches involved, many patients heal overnight! We will do everything we can to improve your comfort while we work. We can even help relieve your dental anxiety with nitrous oxide dental sedation!

Common Causes Of Gum Recession

Gum recession throws off the balance of your smile and most likely makes you feel self-conscious. But gum recession is far from being a simple cosmetic dentistry problem. One of the common causes of gum recession is gum disease. Left unchecked, the problem can get worse for both your gums and your teeth. But gum disease is just one potential culprit. Here are some of the most common causes of gum recession:

Grinding your teeth: if you involuntarily grind your teeth, you are putting undue stress on your teeth, causing them to flex and push and pull on your gumline

Improper oral hygiene: gum disease can take hold if your mouth is not properly cleaned, but aggressive, forceful brushing and flossing can be just as bad for your gums and teeth

Genetics: your genes may make you more vulnerable to gum recession

Smoking and tobacco use: you probably already know tobacco isn’t good for your oral health, but it can also change the position of your gumline

Misaligned teeth: an improper bite can also put disproportionate pressure on certain teeth and affect your gumline

If you’d like advice on avoiding gum recession and keeping your whole mouth healthy, we can help during a private consultation!

How To Prevent Gum Recession

One of the best ways to avoid problems with your gums is to practice good oral hygiene techniques and visit our Highland Township, MI dental office for regular checkups.

When you visit us for a dental cleaning and exam, we will not only clean your mouth from the gums up, but we will also check for small indicators of developing problems. In this way, we can help you avoid restorative dentistry procedures in the future and address problems early with gum disease treatment, tooth bonding, and other solutions.

Potential Complications Of Gum Recession

Your gums and your teeth work together, and gum recession affects both. If gum recession is not addressed, it can lead to:

  • Pain and sensitivity
  • Loosened teeth
  • Tissue loss
  • Tooth loss

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