Graduating from college is a big step in any young adult’s life.

They have spent years studying for what (they hope) will be a long career. Even so, they may send out lots of resumes and go on multiple job interviews before landing a job in their desired field.

One thing that can help anyone in that situation is a sense of self-confidence. This can be difficult for anyone who feels self-conscious about his or her smile.

If the recent college graduate in your family would like a better, straighter smile, perhaps you could consider something more than a card with an inspirational message and some cash. Maybe ClearCorrect orthodontic care could be a better option.

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Choose a Graduation Gift That Will Last

Any college graduate deserves to be celebrated. Earning a degree is a reflection of years of dedication and a commitment to learning. It is an accomplishment that anyone should be proud of.

While money can help recent graduates, and will certainly be appreciated, it’s not going to last forever. On the other hand, a great smile can last a lifetime.

And our smiles can have a big impact on our daily lives. You know how smart the recent college grad in your life is, but other people may not recognize that upon first meeting your daughter, son, niece, nephew, or sibling.

A good smile can help your loved one make a good first impression whether that’s in a job interview, a meeting with a client or a new coworker, or an introduction to a potential future spouse.

Surveys have shown that people with nice, straight teeth are generally considered friendlier, more trustworthy, more intelligent, and more successful. This also could be a reflection of the greater self-confidence that can come with feeling better about his or her smile.

At our office, we’ve certainly seen the way cosmetic dentistry can change someone’s smile as well as that patient’s self-esteem.

Why ClearCorrect?

For someone who may be feeling self-conscious about their smile, wearing braces as they are trying to start a career may draw attention that they don’t want.

ClearCorrect is a more discreet way of dealing with mildly to moderately crowded and crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, and overbites or underbites. With ClearCorrect, your loved one will receive a series of clear, plastic aligners instead of having brackets bonded to their teeth with wires run between them.

The aligners are custom-designed, and because they are transparent, they seem to visibly disappear when placed over someone’s teeth.

Knowing this, your college grad may feel more relaxed about wearing them in personal, professional, and social situations.

The aligners can also be removed during meals, which means they can be taken out during business lunches or dates. That means the college grads in your life won’t have to give up their favorite foods while working on fixing their smiles.

Easy Treatment With Great Results

Clear aligners like ClearCorrect have helped millions of people create perfectly straight smiles. Could they help someone you love, too?

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