Healthy gums closely surround and help support your teeth. But bad things can happen to good gums which leads them to pull away from teeth. Not only does that detract from your smile, it can cause dental problems. If you’re experiencing receding gums that expose the roots of your teeth, contact Dr. James LoCascio at Highland Advanced Dental Care in Highland Township, MI.

Causes Of Receding Gums

The reasons why gums recede fall into five different categories: dental issues, overwork, bite problems, injury, and genetics/biology. Let’s take a look at each category.

Dental Issues
Untreated dental problems are hard on your gums. The most common issue is gum disease, where dental plaque forms on the gum line around the teeth. The bacteria secrete acids that irritate the gums. The gums become swollen and more delicate making them more likely be damaged. The two stages of gum disease are gingivitis and periodontitis. Both require professional help, and the longer you wait, the more involved the treatment needed.

Chronic teeth grinding and clenching put a lot of pressure on teeth, and that pressure is transferred to the gums. Teeth grinding is very common in temporomandibular disorder (and may in fact be a cause of problems with your temporomandibular joints).

Bite Issues
Your upper and lower teeth should come together in a certain way. If one or more teeth are misaligned, you can exert more pressure in some areas. Again, that extra pressure is transferred to the gums.

There are a number of ways that your gums can experience damage. One is when you brush too aggressively or with a toothbrush that has hard bristles. That causes irritation to the gums (not to mention causing premature wear on your tooth enamel).

Smoking and smokeless tobacco are major causes of gum irritation and receding gums. Metal in the mouth such as piercings can also cause irritation. Accidents and trauma to the mouth are a common cause of receding gums.

Some people – about 30 percent, according to studies – may be naturally predisposed to developing gum disease. For those people, regular professional cleanings and examinations are crucial to maintaining their oral health.

Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and menopause, or that may be due to an underlying medical condition, can cause the gums to become more delicate and more likely to be damaged.

Help For Your Receding Gums

Dr. James LoCascio at Highland Advanced Dental Care can effectively address almost all the underlying causes of receding gums – gum disease, teeth grinding and clenching, restorative dentistry for injuries, and bite issues.

When it comes to treating your receding gums, there’s great news! Dr. LoCascio was the first Michigan general dentist to be trained in the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique for gum recession treatment. Unlike traditional gum recession surgery that involves incisions and suturing, the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique involves tiny pinholes in the gum. Using a special tool, he’ll then gently loosen the gum tissue and move it back into place. The procedure is so quick that it’s often referred to as the “lunchtime gum lift!”

You don’t have to live with receding gums. Schedule a consultation with Dr. James LoCascio by calling Highland Advanced Dental Care in Highland Township, MI. Call our office today at 248-329-3552.