Daytime fatigue. Morning migraines. Dry mouth. Lower productivity at work. Memory difficulties. Depression. High blood pressure. Increased risk of heart attack. Increased risk of stroke.

No, we didn’t take this from an ad for a prescription that treats these problems or carries them as side effects. All of these are common symptoms of sleep apnea. Why would we bring up this topic with you? Because at Highland Advanced Dental Care, we offer effective sleep apnea treatment in Highland Township.

We are so concerned about your health that we offer free sleep apnea consultations. So don’t wait to get the relief you need. If you and your spouse or bed partner are ready to have a silent night every night, call 248-329-3552 today for an appointment. Then find out more below.

Why Bother With Sleep Apnea Solutions?

Many people think of loud snoring as the most common side effect of this sleep disorder. And they are usually right. Some people believe that’s as far as it goes, meaning that snoring is just a nuisance to deal with. But there’s more at stake than just keeping your household up at night.

Sleep apnea causes you to stop breathing at night. Although these episodes last only a few seconds, they can be dangerous. They deprive you of oxygen, and they disrupt your sleep to the point that you become sleep deprived. That lack of sleep – and it can happen dozens of times at night without you knowing – is why fatigue and lack of concentration are common side effects. It’s so bad for some people that they fall asleep at the wheel.

The lack of oxygen contributes to the heart complications, too. Knowing all these complications, we decided to offer treatment and help our patients live healthier, more productive lives. Dr. LoCascio received in-depth training from the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the American Sleep and Breathing Academy, and he remains an active member of both organizations. He has modern, comfortable solutions that can work for you.

Visit Us For A Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece

We mentioned that many apnea sufferers don’t seek help because they think snoring is nothing to worry about. Many also don’t get a sleep apnea diagnosis because they don’t want to be prescribed a CPAP machine. A CPAP can be noisy and requires a mask. We have another treatment: an oral appliance.

To get started, you’ll visit us for a free consultation. Dr. LoCascio will do an exam and ask questions to find out if you’re at risk for sleep apnea. After we work with your primary care physician for a diagnosis, Dr. LoCascio can fit you for a custom oral appliance. It will gently keep your airway open so you can breath through the night. It also helps prevent snoring, so your bed partner will rest more soundly too!

Do yourself and your household a favor this holiday. Call us about sleep apnea treatment: 248-329-3552. You will appreciate the silent, restful nights and more energetic days.