Any time of the year is a good time to appreciate the ease and convenience of ClearCorrect aligners. But the benefits of this orthodontic treatment are even more striking during the holidays!

Call Highland Advanced Dental Care at 248-329-3552 today and schedule a consultation. Dr. LoCascio will examine you and determine if you’re a good candidate for ClearCorrect treatment, If so, he’ll take digital images, dental impressions, and other information. You can get started on your treatment, which uses plastic aligners instead of metal braces to move your teeth into place. 

In the meantime, see what sets ClearCorrect apart from traditional orthodontics:

  • Clear Appearance – If your family is typical, lots of photos are taken during the holiday season. You won’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious. Since aligners are made of clear plastic, they are practically invisible in your smile. You’ll smile freely instead of covering your teeth to hide metal hardware. 
  • Fast Results – Unlike braces, which can take two years or more to straighten teeth, most people complete ClearCorrect treatment in 12 months or so. Just think, you could have a beautifully straight smile by this time next year!
  • Ease of Use – During your treatment, you’ll progress through a series of ClearCorrect aligners. You just switch to a new set every two weeks or so. With braces, you typically need to make frequent trips to the dentist’s office so wires can be tightened. There’s no need for that with ClearCorrect. You’ll see us only about every six weeks for a fast check to ensure your treatment is on target. No uncomfortable adjustments are needed.
  • Convenient Oral Hygiene – It’s not that easy to keep braces clean because food tends to get stuck in them. ClearCorrect won’t affect your oral hygiene at all. You simply pop out your aligners when it’s time to brush and floss. 
  • No Change to Your Diet – Since you can take out your aligners, you’ll be able to enjoy any kind of food. That’s an especially big benefit at the holidays when the table is loaded with special treats. 

You won’t believe how easy orthodontics can be! Call Highland Advanced Dental Care today at 248-329-3552 to see if you’re a good candidate for ClearCorrect aligners. Or visit us online to schedule an appointment in Highland, MI.