Dr. LoCascio here!

My Highland Township dental practice focuses on all areas of your dental health. Whether it’s general care or replacing missing teeth, we have options for you. One area we focus on is replacing missing teeth.

At Highland Advanced Dental Care, we love using dental implants to restore missing teeth. We have found that dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. They are versatile, too. We use implants to replace single missing teeth or full arches of missing teeth.

As a dentist, I want the best option for every patient, and dental implants are that option for patients with missing teeth. But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some facts and figures about dental implants and missing teeth in general.

No. 1 cause of missing teeth. The leading cause of tooth loss in adults is gum disease —not tooth decay or trauma. Gum disease starts out small. You might have an uncomfortable feeling in the gums or notice swelling or bleeding. But full-blown gum disease can spread throughout the mouth and cause your teeth to fail. The infection starts in the gums and can even cause the jawbone to erode. Furthermore, gum disease has been connected to serious problems like diabetes and heart disease.

Removable dentures provide 25 to 50 percent of the biting force of natural teeth. So, if you look at the numbers, dentures are only about half as good as natural teeth. Of course, removable dentures can slide around in the mouth because they are not fixed into the jawbone. Patients sometimes find it difficult to get a good fit from their dentures. The reason is because the jawbone will recede whenever the teeth are lost. This happens pretty quickly and will change the face of the face and jaw. As a result, the ever-changing jaw movement makes it difficult to find comfort in your removable denture devices.

Dental implants provide about 90 percent of the biting force of natural teeth. Dental implants provide the stability that removable dentures cannot. Dental implants, which are made from titanium, are placed in the jaw and are biocompatible, meaning the implant will form around the jawbone. This is why dental implants are so strong. Once the implant has healed, we can restore it with crowns, bridges, or new permanent teeth.

Dental implant placement is more than 95 percent successful. Placing dental implants is technically oral surgery, but the placement of dental implants is highly successful. Technology has helped us perfect the placement of dental implants. We access the bone levels to make sure you are a candidate for dental implants and then map out the entire procedure. We can even use dental sedation to make your treatment is as comfortable as possible.

Some studies have found that dental implant procedures have a success rate of 95 percent or even as high as 98 percent. Those are great success rates.

Our office understands that dealing with missing teeth can be a major hurdle. We know losing teeth can be traumatizing, but we are here to make your dental experience more comfortable. Whatever your dental needs, we can set up the proper treatment.

Just give us a call today at 248-329-3552 or use the online form to request a visit. We are eager to meet you and give you a better smile.