Start Your New Year With A New Highland Township General Dentist [Photo]

Even though it’s not Christmas yet, you might have already started thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you’ve even asked for a gym membership or a bike for Christmas to motivate you come January. Have you included your oral health and your smile’s appearance in your resolutions? A new Highland Township general dentist might be just what you need to start the year off right! ...

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Have A Silent Night This Season With Sleep Apnea Treatment [Blog]

Daytime fatigue. Morning migraines. Dry mouth. Lower productivity at work. Memory difficulties. Depression. High blood pressure. Increased risk of heart attack. Increased risk of stroke. No, we didn’t take this from an ad for a prescription that treats these problems or carries them as side effects. All of these are common symptoms of sleep apnea. Why would we bring up this topic with you? ...

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Oral Health Tips For The Holiday [Blog]

You’ve probably come across several websites or even advice from friends and co-workers about tips for the holiday. That could be tips for making the perfect cranberry sauce, or tips for wrapping gifts a different way, or tips on getting the best deals online for gifts. Whatever advice you end up taking, make sure you take ours for some simple oral health tips. Check them out below, then ...

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Could Your Holiday Wish For A Perfect Smile Come True? [Quiz]

You may have had holiday wishes as a child, or perhaps your wishes have simply changed over the years. Perhaps lately you’ve been wishing for a perfect smile, knowing that you’ll be around others or in photos over the holiday. You might have even wished for a dazzling smile for years. Or maybe you need one but haven’t given it much thought, focusing instead on the cares and concerns of your ...

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Dental Implants Look, Feel, And Function Like Your Own Teeth

Have you been living without a full set of teeth? You’re not alone by any means. By one estimate, some 120 million people in the United States are missing at least one tooth. Some 36 million have no teeth. You can now have new teeth that look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth. Today’s tooth replacement options include dental implants from Dr. James LoCascio at Highland Advanced ...

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Could That Snoring Be Sleep Apnea?

Snoring is part of the human condition. It’s likely that everyone snores at one time or another. But there are some people who always snore when they sleep, and their snoring is loud enough to disturb others. Chronic loud snoring may be just that, or it may indicate a more serious condition. If you’re concerned about your snoring or that of a family member, consult Dr. James LoCascio at ...

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Get A Stable Solution For Missing Teeth [Infographic]

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you may be remembering last year’s feast. Were you able to eat all of the foods you enjoy? Or did you have to pass on certain dishes because you knew your toothless mouth couldn’t handle them? Set yourself up for a carefree holiday season with dental implant solutions from Highland Advanced Dental Care. Dental implants in Highland Township has never ...

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Use 2018’s Dental Insurance Benefits Before They Expire

2019 begins at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day, and your 2018 dental insurance benefits expire at the exact same instant. These are benefits that you almost certainly pay for, and those benefits are yours to use for any covered dental treatment. At Highland Advanced Dental Care in Highland Township, MI, we help our patients get the maximum value from the dental insurance they pay for. ...

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Hear Lynette Discuss The Chao Pinhole® Technique [Video]

When dealing with receding gums, there is no procedure more effective than the Chao Pinhole® Technique. This incredible solution is available at Highland Advanced Dental Care. Hear one of our patients discuss her experience. You can trust the Pinhole technique because it is faster and more comfortable than traditional treatments for gum recession. It also results in a faster healing time! Call ...

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Fight Diabetes With A Healthy Mouth [BLOG]

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and we’d like to take some time to talk about how that affects our dental patients. Yes, you read that correctly. There are very strong ties between oral health and overall health, especially for patients who live with diabetes. Today, we want to take some time an unpack these connections so that you have a better idea of exactly how the health of your ...

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