Consider A Smile Makeover With Your Tax Refund [Blog]

With tax season behind us, you may be waiting for a refund check or have already received one. If you’re considering what to do with it, why not invest it back into you? With a smile makeover from Highland Advanced Dental Care, you can improve not only your smile but also your confidence and even ...

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Choose The Best Dental Team For Your Care [Video]

It’s a relief to find a great Highland, MI dentist who meets all your “checks”: A great clinician who provides reliable, natural-looking, long-lasting results A caring person who treats you like more than just a number One who will work with your schedule and budget One who ...

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Why Is TMJ Disorder Such A Bad Problem To Have? [Quiz]

So you have a little soreness in your jaw. Is that a big deal? Actually, it can soon become TMJ disorder. In this condition, you can face migraines, neck pain, earaches, and even lockjaw. This disorder is actually serious, which is why you need to call our Highland, MI dentist’s office at 248-329-3552 ...

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Don’t Forget Your Regular Hygiene Checkups [Blog]

This week is National Dental Hygienists Week, so don’t forget to thank you hygienist for taking care of your smile! Our hygienists are so important to our practice because they’re important to your consistent good oral health. With regular hygiene checkups, we can keep your mouth healthy and ...

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Get A Balanced Gumline With Gum Recession Treatment [Video]

Your gums have two jobs: Help keep your teeth in place and strike a balance between tooth and gums. But if your gumline is receding, you now have two problems. If not treated, you will live with a toothy smile, but your teeth will also be more at risk for getting loose or coming out ...

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Are These Easter Traditions Ruining Your Smile? [Blog]

Easter is coming up, and a lot of people celebrate Easter traditions like candy and big meals regardless of faith. That’s because it’s quickly becoming a national tradition, and Michigan is no exception. But some of these traditions can end up hurting your teeth. That’s why you need to ...

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Replace Lost Teeth And Protect Your Jawbone [Blog]

Are you trying to hide your smile because you don’t want people seeing that empty gap? A missing tooth is more than just embarrassing, though. Without that tooth, your dental health worsens. Call Dr. LoCascio today at 248-329-3552 and make your next appointment for a dental implant. This restorative ...

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Finally Get Straight Teeth With ClearCorrect Orthodontics [Video]

Braces are common with teenagers, but as one of our patients points out, not everyone got them back then. Sometimes, the problem wasn’t severe enough to justify the cost. Unfortunately, crooked teeth often get worse over the years. Still, do you have to get braces? Not anymore. Call Highland ...

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Why Fluoride Is Safe & Good For Your Teeth | Highland, MI [Blog]

No doubt that you’ve heard about “fake news” a lot recently. Much of that comes from the internet where people can post and share incorrect information very easily. Are you even sure about the best way to lose weight or get an education anymore? For dentistry, one of the worst cases of ...

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