Do Your Missing Teeth Make You Afraid To Smile? [Quiz]

If you’ve been to our Highland Township, MI dentist office before, you’ve likely chatted with your hygienist or another team member about a lot of things. This time of year, we love to hear about our patients’ fall and Halloween plans! Some patients appreciate a good night of fright more than others, full of scary movies and haunted houses. Fear is fun for many this time of year, but the ...

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5 Tips For Better Brushing And Flossing

You’ve probably hear the old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That holds true for tooth and gum problems. Brushing and flossing are the best ways to help prevent dental problems. Dr. James LoCascio at Highland Advanced Dental Care in Highland, MI is pleased to present these five tips to help you have a healthy mouth. Tip #1: Choose Your Tool Wisely Your tooth enamel ...

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Happy National Orthodontic Health Month!

October is National Orthodontic Month. This isn’t one of the best-known “national” months, but it’s no less important for that. Currently, more than one million adults in the U.S. are undergoing orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth. Those adults are correcting their bite problems, closing gaps between teeth, and aligning teeth to look better, fit together better, and help them ...

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What Happened To My Gums, And How Can I Fix It?

At the risk of stating the obvious, your gums are pretty important. They’re designed to closely surround teeth, acting to keep disease-causing bacteria from getting to the vulnerable areas beneath. Your gums also help stabilize your teeth which is important to your bite and your ability to chew. But sometimes gum tissue recedes, pulling back from its original position. If you have receding ...

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Why Ashley Loves ClearCorrect

Ashley wanted to fix a problem with her smile before her upcoming wedding. When she consulted Dr. James LoCascio of Highland Advanced Dental Care, they decided on ClearCorrect dental aligners as the solution. But Ashley got more than she bargained for as ClearCorrect also treated a number of dental issues she didn’t know she had! She explains why she’d discovered a newfound confidence and ...

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Top Benefits of ClearCorrect Orthodontics [Infographic]

It’s time to get the smile you’ve been dreaming of with ClearCorrect in Highland, MI. Clear adult aligners will correct the alignment and shape of your smile in a matter of months. Better than traditional wires and brackets, ClearCorrect is the solution that hundreds of thousands of patients have trusted to improve their smile. Call 248-329-3552 right now to schedule your consultation.   ...

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Today’s Dentures Are Comfortable And Effective

Dentures may be one of those things that nobody really like to talk about. There are countless jokes, skits, and anecdotes about dentures, making them seem like a less-than-ideal solution for missing teeth. That used to be true, but no longer. Implant-supported dentures from Dr. James LoCascio of Highland Advanced Dental care in Highland Township, MI will change how you think about ...

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Carolyn on Dr. LoCascio Going The Extra Mile

When Carolyn’s dental bridge broke unexpectedly, she called Dr. James LoCascio of Highland Advanced Dental Care in Highland Township, MI. To her great surprise, Dr. LoCascio saw her on his day off just to make sure that she was okay! She continued to be surprised by the warm, welcoming, and accepting attitude of all our staff. Learn why she’s learned not to fear the ...

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Give Your Smile New Life With A Smile Makeover

If you love your smile, congratulations! You’re probably in the minority. At our dental office in Highland Township, MI, we see a huge number of people who want a brighter, more regular, and more beautiful smile. We can help quite a few of those people with a single cosmetic dentistry treatment like dental veneers. But if your smile isn’t even close to what you want, consider a Smile Makeover ...

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Get Dental Implants Now and Be Smiling for the Holidays [Blog]

We began this month by telling you about Mary, who spent her life caring for her family. Once her family was out of the house, Mary was finally able to spend some time focusing on herself. She knew that she needed some help with her smile, so she called the office. What she discovered astounded her. The extent of Mary’s neglect was much larger than she had realized. She was heartbroken. Not ...

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