Could You Benefit From Smile Enhancement? [quiz]

Have you been thinking about going forward with cosmetic dentistry but wasn’t sure if it’s for you? Like many of our patients, you may be dealing with a less-than-stellar smile that you’d like to put a little pizzazz in. If so, a smile enhancement from Highland Advanced Dental Care can help ...

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Enjoy Your Getaway More With Our Vacation Dental Solutions

Summertime is travel time for many of us. Whether you’re heading to the beach, the woods, or just to see some family in a nearby state, you want to make your travels as simple and easy as possible. There’s no need to spend your mental energy on unnecessary things when you can instead focus ...

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We Can Rebuild Your Smile With a Full-Mouth Reconstruction [video]

You don’t have to suffer through life with an under-performing mouth. If you have severely damaged teeth or are missing most of your teeth, then we can rebuild your smile using our skill in full-mouth reconstruction. You’ll soon: Smile with renewed confidence Enjoy a wider variety of ...

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Now is the Time to Start on Your Holiday Smile

You might not think that the middle of summer is the time to think about your holiday smile, but now is actually a great time to start your smile enhancement. With around six months to go before holiday parties, get-togethers, and other events, you still have plenty of time to design and create ...

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Keep Your Smile Healthy During the Summer Months

Everyone wants to have the healthiest, best-looking smile possible. It’s part of human nature. With summer upon us, however, many people tend to put their oral care on the back burner. At Highland Advanced Dental Care, we not only work hard to provide you the best smile care we can, we also ...

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Revive Your Gums With Scaling & Root Planing [video]

Did you realize that gum disease left untreated could rob you of your teeth? If your gums are red and puffy or they bleed when you brush or floss, you could have gum disease. The good news is that Highland Advanced Dental Care can get your gums back into shape with nonsurgical gum disease ...

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Get The Most Out Of Summer With A New Dental Crown! [BLOG]

An old dental crown that’s no longer functioning properly will likely interfere with your smile’s appearance and your ability to eat comfortably. With the summer grilling season fast approaching, now is certainly not the time to stress about the way your teeth work, look, and feel. We can ...

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Enjoy A Pain-Free Summer With TMJ Treatment! [BLOG]

Constant headaches or pain in your jaw are bothersome at first, but it doesn’t take long for symptoms like these to have a serious impact on your quality of life. With summer around the corner, you definitely don’t want chronic pain to keep you from enjoying time with your family and friends ...

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Our Comfort Items Can Ease Your Dental Anxiety! [VIDEO]

If fear of the dentist has come between you and the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve, then let our comfort items in Highland Township, MI ease your dental anxiety. Here’s Dr. James LoCascio listing a few of the ways we can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable at Highland Advanced ...

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Take Control Of Your Teeth Grinding (infographic)

Millions of Americans clench and grinding their teeth together while they sleep. This can cause a number of symptoms — frequent headaches and earaches, jaw pain, and jaw stiffness — of TMJ disorders. If you suspect teeth grinding is is a problem for you, then you should plan to visit Dr. ...

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