Are you trying to hide your smile because you don’t want people seeing that empty gap? A missing tooth is more than just embarrassing, though. Without that tooth, your dental health worsens.

Call Dr. LoCascio today at 248-329-3552 and make your next appointment for a dental implant. This restorative treatment will replace lost teeth, making your smile healthier and you more confident to show it.

Keep Your Jawbone Strong

How does a dental implant help your jawbone to stay healthy? By stimulating it.

All your natural teeth have roots that extend into the jawbone. This creates a solid foundation for your teeth so you can chew with confidence and power. Chewing creates tiny vibrations that travel down the root and into the surrounding bone tissue, stimulating the tissue and helping it stay healthy and strong.

When you’ve lost a tooth, the bone underneath the gap does not get stimulated by vibrations anymore. Without it, the tissue starts to deteriorate. This bone loss makes your jaw weaker and more prone to injuries or unhealthy conditions.

A dental implant is as close to a real tooth as you can get, and it comes with an artificial root. Once surgically placed in your jawbone, those tiny vibrations can stimulate the bone tissue once more, helping your jawbone to stay strong and healthy. (This is why many patients choose a dental implant over other ways to replace lost teeth. A dental bridge gives you a replacement, but it does not come with an artificial root so the bone under that spot deteriorates over time.)

Enjoy More Benefits

A stronger jawbone isn’t the only benefit from getting dental implants. Here are some more:

  • You won’t accidentally hurt the gums in that gap when eating something hard.
  • You’ll be able to brush and floss normally.
  • That replacement tooth supports the natural ones on either side, helping them stay straight instead of getting crooked.
  • Your teeth comes together normally when biting, helping keep your jaw joints from getting damaged.

You also get a complete smile once again. Instead of trying to hide your smile in photos, you’ll smile proudly. That’s something everyone deserves.

Choose The Right Dental Implant

At our Highland, MI dentist’s office, you have several dental implant options to choose from. This helps you find the right treatment for your unique situation.

  • Single implants: These are great at replacing one lost tooth, but you will need some healthy bone under that gap to safely hold into the implanted root. Don’t worry, this works for most people!
  • Mini implants: When the lost tooth is small or the jawbone is too thin for a single implant, you may need a mini implant. These include smaller, thinner artificial roots so they can be used where regular implant cannot.
  • All-on-4® implants: What happens if you need to replace a lot more than one tooth? This treatment includes four implanted roots connected to a full arch of replacement teeth that look natural.
  • Implants and dentures: If you wear dentures and are tired of them moving around when you try to eat, you can use implants to secure those dentures and keep them in place.

Call Highland Advanced Dental Care today at 248-329-3552 or use our convenient online form to schedule your dental implant visit. Until you replace lost teeth, you run the risk of bone deterioration and getting crooked teeth. But with one of our dental implant options, you can finally be healthier and be able to smile confidently.