It’s not easy to live with a tooth that looks bad, hurts, or makes chewing difficult.

But it is easy to fix it!

You visit Dr. LoCascio to get a new dental crown in Highland, MI so you can smile again. We’re about to give you several reasons why.

Some Ways A Dental Crown Saves Your Smile

A dental crown is a natural-looking restoration that looks and functions like a real tooth. It’s used to cover teeth that need a little help. Here are a few reasons we might suggest you get a dental crown:

Strengthen Weak, Damaged Teeth

Teeth grinding, biting your nails, leaving a cavity untreated can all lead to damage on your enamel that can weaken the structure of your tooth. Weak teeth are more vulnerable to further, more serious damage, so we can cover and protect them with a crown so they remain strong.

Hide Discoloration

Orthodontics, medications, dark foods and drinks, or any damage to a tooth can discolor it, making it stand out against your surrounding teeth. Since crowns are designed to look natural, we can use them to cover up stained or discolored teeth for a brighter, more evenly colored smile.

Replace A Tooth

Crowns can be bonded together to create a dental bridge that fills the gap a lost tooth leaves behind. You can also use a single crown that’s attached to a dental implant to replace a tooth so that your surrounding healthy teeth don’t have to be filed down to fit a bridge.

Fill A Large Cavity

In most cases, you can treat a cavity in its earliest stage with a standard filling. But given enough time, a cavity can get bigger, damaging too much of your tooth’s structure for a regular filling. Covering it with a crown after we remove the decayed portion can help keep the tooth intact.

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Because they’re so versatile, we can create dental crowns to solve all kinds of problems with your teeth. They look completely natural and work like the real thing, so they blend right in with your smile, allow you to eat with ease, and preserve your oral health.

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