There’s nothing like a holiday feast or holiday pictures to make you feel self-conscious about your smile. At Highland Advanced Dental Care, we can help you prepare your teeth for the upcoming holiday events. Give us a call at 248-329-3552 to schedule a consultation or appointment to find out how your smile can be improved.

Sound too good to be true? Let’s talk about how we can make this happen in three easy steps.

1) A Consultation

Your restorative work cannot begin until we sit down for a conversation. This can happen during a regularly scheduled appointment or as a separate consultation. We want to talk about your smile goals, your current dental health, and any limitations or things we need to consider during your treatment.

When you walk away from the consultation, you should have a good idea of what to expect from future appointments.

2) Your Appointment(s)

As planned during your consultation, you will attend a specified number of appointments in order to achieve your work. Depending on what we are doing, this could range from a single appointment to a few. Placing a dental implant, for example, would require more than one appointment while dental bonding could be completed in a single visit.

3) Enjoying the Final Results 

Once your work is complete, you will be able to enjoy your smile for decades to come. Our restorative work will last for years, and you’ll have nothing to do but to care for your teeth with regular cleanings and exams.

Restorative Dentistry Makes Big Improvements

We offer several types of restorative dentistry so that no matter what ails your smile, we can help. For example:

  • Missing teeth can be replaced with a dental bridge or an implant.
  • Chipped or cracked teeth can be cared for with veneers or maybe even bonding.
  • Decay within your tooth can be treated with a filling or an inlay/onlay solution.

So you see, no matter what your smile is up against, we have solutions at Highland Advanced Dental Care. This could be the last holiday season that you spend wondering if everyone is looking at your smile. This could be the last time your heart skips a beat when someone asks you to smile for a picture, and it can certainly be the last holiday you spend skipping out on your favorite foods at dinner.

Allow us to help you restore your smile back to health, and while you’re here, we’ll help you set up a schedule to maintain your teeth for years to come. They will stay healthy with routine cleanings and exams so that you don’t find yourself in this predicament ever again!

Call us today to find out how restorative dentistry solutions in Highland can improve your life!