Don’t you hate doing all the work without getting any of the credit?

That’s kind of what it would feel like to be a dental crown.

There’s almost nothing you can’t do to fix a person’s smile, yet all that effort goes largely unnoticed and unappreciated.

Well, that’s the thing about dental crowns.

Restoring a tooth that’s been damaged by decay, disease, infection, or injury is what they’re designed to do, all while blending in perfectly with your smile so even you can’t tell where the crown is when you see yourself in the mirror or in photos.

When a dental crown covers a problem tooth that’s been effectively treated and prepared, you also aren’t supposed to notice any difference in function, so you don’t even think about the pain you felt only a few days ago before it was placed!

Here are some of the reasons Dr. LoCascio might suggest capping a tooth with a dental crown:

  1. You have a large cavity that’s too big for a standard filling.
  2. You have a fractured tooth that needs protection to prevent further damage.
  3. Your infected tooth has been treated with a root canal and needs a crown to protect it from future problems.
  4. You have a discolored or chipped tooth that’s healthy but unattractive.
  5. Your tooth was knocked out and needs to be replaced.

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