Ensure Your Smile Receives the Surgical Solution it Requires

During any kind of oral issue, our very initial objective is to get you out of discomfort. When you visit Highland Advanced Dental Care, we make comfort a consideration constantly, which shows we are prepared to end your suffering quickly.

With dental sedation, you can resolve pain and relieve your mind swiftly. We provide dental sedation and relaxing amenities to assist you in feeling entirely relaxed during your treatment.

As soon as we have actually ensured your comfort, we can concentrate on finding the ideal fix to mend your smile. We provide a number of kinds of dental surgery and various other services, including:

  • Tooth Extractions– In some cases, the damage to your teeth is too much to recover it. When it’s needed, we can manage tooth extraction.
  • All-on-4® Implants– We can give you a full arch of fixed replacement teeth using only four dental implants, and you can even walk out the same day with functional temporaries.
  • Gum Recession Surgery— Bounce back from periodontal infection and become a candidate for dental implants, save your natural teeth, and restore healthy gum tissue.
  • Dental Implants— If you do need teeth extracted, you need to receive the best teeth replacements possible. Implants replace the roots of your removed tooth, so your restorations can be strong, secure, and steady.

We can aid you in keeping your healthy smile with our various preventive solutions and general dental care as soon as we’ve handled your problem. If you need an oral surgeon in Milford, call Highland Advanced Dental Care 248-329-3552 to arrange your treatment. You can also request an appointment online.