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Hate Your Smile? Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You Love It

The alarm wakes you up, so you take your morning shower and get ready for the day. You head to the bathroom to brush your teeth, and there it is: the smile you hate. Maybe your teeth have turned yellow after all these years, or maybe some teeth are banged up with chips and dark grooves. It could even be your gums making your teeth look too small or strangely big. But whatever the problem, it’s not going away. That’s why we offer cosmetic dentistry Highland Township, MI area dental office at Highland Advanced Dental Care. If you’re tired of looking at a smile you hate and fear what others might be saying about that ugly smile, we can help with our cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Dental Veneers Cover Multiple Flaws

Nicknamed “instant orthodontics,” dental veneers are very thin shells of porcelain. They are shaped and colored to look like perfectly healthy teeth, and they are placed on the front of your visible teeth. This way, they cover up any imperfections like stains or chips. But because the porcelain is so tough, it can help protect your teeth as well. Dental veneers can even be made just a bit bigger to cover up small gaps between your teeth or make your teeth look straighter.

Professional Teeth Whitening Brightens Teeth Fast

Wine, smoking, and even your morning cup of coffee can slowly stain your teeth, making them look dull and even dirty. Plaque and tartar can also discolor your teeth. With our take-home teeth whitening trays, you can get professional-strength whitening that you can use at home.

Teeth Contouring & Crown Lengthening Fix Imperfections

Bumps, ridges, and other imperfections in the enamel can make an otherwise healthy tooth look strange. The same is true for a tooth that’s oddly shaped. Dr. James LoCascio can reshape a tooth with two different dental procedures. Teeth contouring painlessly removes a small amount of enamel to smooth out the tooth, while crown lengthening reshapes the gumline to make sure your tooth looks as long as it should.

Tooth Bonding Quickly Hides Chips & More

An alternative to teeth contouring, tooth bonding uses a special material that is applied to the front of your teeth. Once it is smoothed out, the material fills in any chips, dents, or cracks in your teeth, making them look smooth and healthy. This material is also colored to match your current teeth, so it will look completely natural.

Short-Term Adult Orthodontics Straighten Teeth Discreetly

If your teeth are crooked, you’re not going to like your smile. Teeth are supposed to be even, so if your smile looks crowded or uneven, people are going to notice. Instead of dealing with the embarrassment and discomfort of metal braces, we offer ClearCorrect short-term orthodontics for adults. These clear braces fit like mouthguards over your teeth, but over time, they gently move your teeth to where they belong. And because they’re clear, people will have a lot of trouble even noticing you’re wearing them.

The Chao Pinhole® Technique Offers Painless Gum Recession Treatment

If you have the opposite problem, that your gums have receded from your teeth, Dr. James LoCascio can use a special cosmetic dentistry procedure called the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique. With this quick and simple dental procedure, Dr. James LoCascio can create a pinhole in the receded gums and move more gum tissue onto the teeth, bringing the gumline back where it should be without cutting or sutures.

In addition to his cosmetic dentistry treatments, Dr. James LoCascio is a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and continuing his education in advanced Restorative Dentistry at Pankey Institute for Continuing Dental Education.

If you look in the mirror each morning and try not to look at your discolored, misshapen teeth, imagine how people at work, the gym, and stores are reacting. Get past all of that with our cosmetic dentistry treatments and get a smile everyone will love to see, including you. Call our Highland, MI dental office at 248-329-3552 to schedule your cosmetic dentistry Highland Township, MI area appointment or use our convenient online form.

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