Do you try to hide your smile because it looks crooked or uneven? Are you embarrassed about how your teeth look? No one should feel shy about smiling. But did you know crooked teeth can also hurt your dental health?

To feel more confident and improve your health, call Highland Advanced Dental Care today at 248-329-3552 and make your next appointment for ClearCorrect orthodontics. Not only will this straighten your teeth and give you a smile to be proud of, it has no metal or wires. Instead, you get clear, smooth plastic so you can correct your smile with more discretion and comfort.

Learn How ClearCorrect Works

How can this treatment give you a straight smile without metal and wires?

ClearCorrect is a modern form of orthodontics. In your initial appointment, Dr. LoCascio will carefully measure your teeth and discuss how your smile will look when the treatment is complete. Then you will receive a set of custom aligners: smooth, thin plastic covers for your teeth.

You start by wearing the first one. It’s shape gently moves your crooked teeth a little bit. After a few weeks, you replace that aligner with the next one. This is shaped just a bit differently to keep guiding your teeth to where they need to be. By the time you are done with the last aligner, your smile will look straight, even, and amazing.

The aligners can be removed at any time. That means there are no food restrictions! You simply take them out, eat what you want, brush your teeth, and slide them back on. And because ClearCorrect is made with clear plastic, they are almost impossible to notice. You can get orthodontics that won’t stand out and look weird on an adult.

Perhaps best of all, ClearCorrect is typically finished within one year. That can save you 1-2 years compared to traditional braces. It also saves you money since you do not have to pay for so many dental visits over the years.

Get The Orthodontics You Deserve

Even if you had braces when you were younger, you could have some teeth that are crooked or unaligned. That’s because your teeth never stop moving. Decades of chewing will nudge yours out of place. For some people, a crooked smile came from an accident or injury.

Regardless of how, you need to correct it. Just knowing your smile looks worse can sap your self-esteem. But it can also lead to dental problems. Food particles stick between your teeth when they are crooked, leading to more cavities and gum disease risk. By getting ClearCorrect orthodontics, you can help make lower your risk of these dental health problems. In addition, ClearCorrect is made in America.

To finally get the straight smile you deserve, call our Highland office at 248-329-3552 or send us a message through our online form. Any crooked teeth you have will just get worse over time. The sooner you call Dr. LoCascio, the sooner you can get the straight, even smile you need for continued self-esteem and proper dental health.