March is National Sleep Apnea Awareness Month, and your Highland, MI dentist wants to help you celebrate! That’s because Dr. LoCascio offers customized solutions that can improve your sleep so you feel refreshed and energized for spring!

While a CPAP machine is an effective treatment option for sleep apnea sufferers, you may not like the noise it makes, the uncomfortable mask you have to wear, or the maintenance required to keep it clean and sanitized. 

Many patients prefer a small, silent alternative form of relief. Dr. LoCascio has trained extensively to treat this sleep disorder effectively without a CPAP. He can create a custom-fitted oral appliance for you to wear like a mouthguard while you sleep. 

Not only will this device keep your airway open for easy, uninterrupted breathing, but it will improve your sleep quality and reduce loud snoring so you and your partner can wake up feeling restored and ready to face the day! 

Spend some time this spring with your friends at Highland Advanced Dental Care so you can start sleeping deeply and peacefully night after night.

Call us today at 248-329-3552 or visit us online to schedule an appointment in Highland, MI.

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