Prevention With General Dentistry in Highland, MI Is Key for a Healthy Smile

Instead of waiting for your dental problems to get complicated and expensive to fix, it’s better for your health, wallet, and peace of mind to treat them early. Highland Advanced Dental Care offers general dentistry in Highland to do just that. Here are a few advantages of coming to Dr. LoCascio for your dental checkups and other routine dental needs:

  • A healthier mouth through cavity and disease prevention
  • Removal of harmful bacteria, plaque, and tartar from your teeth and gums
  • Increased confidence with a white, clean smile
  • An opportunity to catch and treat dental problems in their early stages

Call our office today to schedule your next appointment: 248-329-3552. We’ll keep your smile healthy, white, and bright! If you’re a new patient, you can receive a dental exam and cleaning, complete with digital X-rays and a personalized treatment plan, for just $49.

Achieve Your Best Smile With Many General Dentistry Services

At Highland Advanced Dental Care, we make getting good dental care easy and convenient. We offer all these services under one roof so you can achieve your healthiest smile:

  • Dental Cleanings and Exams – Routine checkups every six months will help prevent plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth. We provide one of the most thorough dental exams in Michigan. Early detection of problems such as cavities or oral cancer gives you much better odds for successful treatment. Therefore, in addition to a visual exam, we use digital X-rays, cavity detectors, and the VELscope system to catch early signs of oral cancer. After we have completed your exam, Dr. LoCascio will recommend an appropriate level of teeth cleaning to keep your smile white.
  • Sealants and Fluoride Treatments – Tooth sealants create a barrier and smooth out your teeth’s chewing surfaces, making it harder for bacteria to find a place to live and helping prevent cavities. And fluoride has been known for decades to make teeth stronger, which is why we offer fluoride treatments and varnishes. Fluoride can even reverse tooth decay in its very early stages.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – If your teeth are collecting plaque and tartar near or below the gumline, we can help with a nonsurgical treatment called root planing and scaling. Together, these remove plaque that is irritating your gums and prevent infection from spreading.
  • Athletic and Bruxism Mouthguards – Staying active is great for your health, but it can also put your teeth at a higher risk of damage. That’s why we offer athletic mouthguards for almost any sport. These protect your teeth and help prevent injuries and damage. We also offer custom mouthguards to eliminate bruxism (teeth grinding). A mouthguard worn while sleeping can help prevent damage to your enamel caused by teeth grinding.
  • Emergency Appointments – Prevention and planning are essential for maintaining a healthy smile, but sometimes accidents happen. We have a limited number of emergency appointments available for our current patients. Just give us a call, and we’ll see you as soon as we can.

General dentistry in Highland is the key to keeping small problems from becoming big dental headaches. To schedule an appointment or your $49 new patient exam, call us at 248-329-3552 or use our convenient online form.