Hey, did you watch the Academy Awards the other night? Were you as dazzled by the sparkling gowns, golden statuettes, and long red carpet as we were? There’s just something so delightful about escaping into a glamorous Hollywood fantasy for an evening.

Perhaps you noticed something else about the procession of stars on your television. If you happened to take a look at their smiles (which, as dental professionals, is one of the first things we look at, of course), you may have observed that, with a few exceptions, celebrities have dazzling white, perfectly straight teeth.

Sometimes we may forget this, but famous people are, well, just people. They are prone to the same dental issues as the rest of us: crookedness, crowding, decay, discoloration. Many, if not most, of those flawless smiles you saw on the screen likely had a little help from dental veneers.

Thankfully, you don’t need to live in Hollywood to flaunt a Hollywood smile. To schedule a consultation to see if you are a good candidate for this transformative cosmetic procedure, call Highland Advanced Dental Care of Highland, MI at 248-329-3552.

A Silver Screen Debut

It’s only natural that veneers are popular with celebrities and entertainers. The procedure was actually invented by a Los Angeles dentist around 1930 for the purpose of improving the appearance of actors’ teeth on camera. Once filming was up, however, the veneers would come right off.

In the 1980s, advancements in etching and bonding technology made realistic-looking permanent veneers possible. Which meant that the procedure finally became a practical option for boosting the smiles of regular people.

Go Away, Dental Flaws

A dental veneer is a thin shell or sheath that is securely bonded to the front of the tooth. The technique may be used on individual teeth or entire smiles. The procedure covers a range of problems, including chips, cracks, stains, gaps, and even minor alignment issues.

At Highland Advanced Dental Care, we use gorgeously realistic porcelain veneers. The process generally takes a couple of visits to our office.

  • First, the doctor will examine your teeth to confirm they are healthy and the procedure is appropriate way to correct your dental flaws.
  • To prepare you for receiving the veneers, we will have to remove a small amount of enamel from the fronts of the affected teeth. As we touch only the outer layer of the teeth, this is not painful.
  • We will make precise impressions of your teeth. These will be sent to our trusted dental lab, where your veneers will be custom made.
  • Once your newly crafted porcelain veneers have arrived at our office, we will have you come in once again. We will ensure the restoration is a perfect match to your natural tooth color, and perform any necessary trimming and adjustments. We will then clean and etch the tooth — which promotes a strong bond — and attach the veneer with a special light-cured cement.
  • With proper care, your veneer will last years, even decades.

If you’re ready for your Hollywood Smile, schedule a consultation for dental veneers at Highland Advanced Dental Care. You may reach us online or call our Highland Township, MI office at 248-329-3552.