You probably would not include oral surgery on the list of your favorite things or your bucket list. Regardless, you should be aware of times when a surgical procedure could be the best thing for your dental health. Consider these examples.

1. Severely Damaged Teeth

Ideally, you won’t have any dental accidents, tooth decay, or infections. Even if you do have these issues, there are many ways to repair or rebuild your tooth. Yet, taking out a tooth may be the only option if the damage is too great.

2. Replacing Teeth

Placing dental implants is a kind of dental surgery. You can make teeth replacements stronger by getting implants to anchor them to your jaw.

3. Repair Your Gumline

Gum disease can take a toll on your smile by causing gum recession. This can leave the roots of your teeth exposed. You can protect them by restoring your gumline with the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique.

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