2019 begins at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day, and your 2018 dental insurance benefits expire at the exact same instant. These are benefits that you almost certainly pay for, and those benefits are yours to use for any covered dental treatment. At Highland Advanced Dental Care in Highland Township, MI, we help our patients get the maximum value from the dental insurance they pay for.

Is That Covered?

Dental insurance is one of those things that people don’t think about much until they need it. Determining what services by a policy are covered isn’t always easy. Dental insurance can vary quite a bit from company to company and even between different plans from the same company.

The place to start is with your maximum dollar coverage for the year. If you and your family haven’t reached that limit yet, it’s quite possible that there’s still “money on the table,” so to speak. Give our Highland Township, MI office a call at 248-329-3552. We can tell you how much of your 2018 benefits remain.

After that, think about the dental needs of you and your family. Is there something that you’ve been putting off? That might be getting that cracked filling or dental crown repaired or replaced. Or perhaps someone’s in need of a dental cleaning and examination that was scheduled but didn’t happen. We get it – life is busier than ever, and things don’t always go as planned. Any of these procedures is likely to be covered by your dental insurance – we’ll be happy to check first – and it’s a great way to reserve all of next year’s benefits for any problems that might come up after New Year’s Day.

Start Now, Finish Later

You or a family member might need a more complex treatment such as orthodontics. Maybe you’ve held off because insurance wouldn’t cover as much as you’d like. By beginning treatment this year, you can use your remaining benefits which leaves all of 2019’s benefits to help defray the costs.

The “start now, finish later” idea also works for treatment that involves a number of appointments – most dental implants, for instance. Dentures take at least two appointments. Pay for part of the cost using your remaining insurance benefits, and you’ll pay less out of pocket overall.

Prepare For The Sweet Treats Of The Holidays

If your child is scheduled for a dental cleaning and examination in January, consider having that done in December. Sugar-laden treats are everywhere during the holiday season. Pinpointing and correcting any minor problems now can save time out of school and money next year. The same holds true for you and your spouse, plus you have the added benefit of proudly flashing those glistening white teeth at all the social and family get-togethers during the season.

Let Us Help You Maximize Your Benefits

Don’t leave money on the table that can be used to benefit you and your family. Call Highland Advanced Dental Care in Highland Township, MI today at 248-329-3552 to schedule an appointment.