Keep Your Teeth Intact With Custom Mouthguards

Imagine your little slugger is out on the baseball diamond, crouched down and ready to field any ball smacked his way. At the next pitch, a grounder comes screaming toward him, but takes a nasty bounce just before he can field it.

The next thing you know, he’s proudly holding one of his teeth up in the air for all the world to see. Maybe he’s not thinking about the long-term consequences of losing a permanent tooth, but you sure are.

This scene happens all too often due to lack of proper athletic mouth protection. The good news is that it can be avoided with a professionally made mouthguard from Highland Advanced Dental Care. Dr. LoCascio has been making custom mouthguards for active kids and adults for many years, and he can do the same for your family.

Now, imagine another scenario. You’re come in for your regular six-month checkup and our dental hygienist tells you that they see evidence of premature wear on your teeth. They ask you if you grind your teeth when you sleep. You answer honestly that you don’t know.

This, also, is an all-too-common occurrence. Most people who grind their teeth in their sleep aren’t aware of it – at least not until damage has already been done.

Our dentist office can make a bruxism (teeth grinding) mouthguard that will keep your teeth apart while you sleep. You’ll prevent damage to your tooth enamel that could require cosmetic or restorative dental work to correct. Plus, you’ll lessen your risk of developing cavities and disease.

We’d love to help you keep your precious smile in place! Call us today if you need Hartland mouthguards: 248-329-3552.