6 Clear Reasons Why ClearCorrect Is Better Than Braces

Everyone loves seeing a great smile. But when your teeth are out of alignment or crooked, your smile isn’t exactly great looking. What are you going to do, get braces and look like an awkward teenager again? If you’re an adult who needs orthodontic work, we offer a great solution at our Highland, MI dental office: ClearCorrect. ClearCorrect uses a series of clear plastic trays similar to ...

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Reversing Gum Recession With A Mere Pinhole

Your teeth and gums work in harmony. Together, they help you chew, talk, and even look normal. (If you have ever seen anyone with way too much gums when they smile, you know that a certain amount of gums in your smile looks normal.) So when the gums have problems, you have problems with the way you chew, talk, and look. And if the problem is that your gums are receding and pulling away from your ...

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A True Investment In Your Future With Dental Implants

An investment is something that pays off over time. When you invest in your home, you are improving the look, safety, and features of your home, which will both save you money in the short run and improve your home’s value. When it comes to dentistry, dental implants are a great investment for three reasons: saving you money, helping you stay healthy, and improving your look. Investment #1: ...

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Why Headaches Can Be A Pain In The Jaw

Your body is a giant, interconnected system. What happens to one of your muscles can easily affect entirely different parts of your body. And believe it or not, the joint that controls your jaw can cause headaches and migraines. What Is The TMJ? TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. It’s the joint that connects your jaw with your skull like a hinge connects a door to a wall. Any time you ...

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New Site, Same Excellent Dental Care

Welcome to our new site for Highland Advanced Dental Care. Located in Highland, MI, our dental practice offers general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry treatments for your complete dental care. Dr. James E. LoCascio, DDS FICOI and our team invite you to see our new site and everything we have to offer. What Makes Us Different What helps us stand out from the other dental offices in the ...

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