Cosmetic Dentistry Options for a Beautiful Smile

People have a love-hate relationship with their smiles. They either enjoy looking at their smile in the mirror, or they hate what they see and they’re embarrassed to smile. If you want a more beautiful smile, Dr. James LoCascio and the entire team at Highland Advanced Dental Care can help. Dental Veneers This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a gorgeous smile. Dental veneers ...

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Can You Really Get New Teeth in a Day?

If you’re missing all of your teeth on the top or bottom, you may have considered dentures to restore your smile and your ability to eat comfortably. Dentures are a time-tested and workable solution for many people, but they have some problems. Dentures can move around in the mouth and may even pop out unexpectedly. They usually require special cleaning which many people find ...

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Sue J. Loves Her Dental Implant From Highland Advanced Dental Care

Dental implants are the ideal solution for many people to replace missing teeth. Are you wishing you could get dental implants but you’re concerned about everything involved in the procedure? Watch this video to discover why Sue J. loves the dental implant she received from Highland Dental Care. You’ll also discover what she considers to be the most “traumatic” part of the entire process. ...

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Gum Disease Is Bad For Your Heart

Most people pay attention to the health of their teeth. Your gums are just as important, not only to the health of your mouth but to your overall health. Preventing gum disease is key. The parts of your teeth above the gum line are covered by dental enamel, the hardest substance in the human body. Barring accidents, that enamel is a very effective barrier against the many, many bacteria that ...

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An Advanced Dentist Who Cares [Photo]

  When you hear that you need advanced dental care, you may start shaking in your boots. After all, who wants to go to an advanced clinic and be treated like a number? Dr. LoCascio doesn’t approach dentistry this way. Each patient who walks through his door is a valued person who is listened to and regarded with esteem. Take a look at this photo and observe how Dr. LoCascio interacts ...

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It’s Not Too Late to Straighten Your Smile with ClearCorrect

People make mistakes. It’s a common truth that remains constant across each and every culture, generation, and demographic. Some mistakes are tiny and forgettable while others seem to follow you around for the rest of your life. The worst kind of mistake is the avoidable yet life-altering variety. We see these all the time in our advanced dentist office in Highland Township, MI. Patients ...

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A Comfortable Approach to Advanced Dentistry in Highland Township, MI [VIDEO]

  In our previous blog, we discussed how our Highland Township, MI dentist can help you achieve the advanced dental care you need. But if we’re being honest, we realize that fear often plays a huge role in your decision-making. We try to remove the anxiety from the situation by offering a comfortable environment and dental sedation options. Pay close attention as Carolyn explains how she ...

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A Highland Advanced Dental Care Smile Fit for 2017

Happy New Year! We sincerely hope that 2017 brings you good tidings, lots of joy, and a healthy mind and body. You may not realize it, but we can help you accomplish at least one of these things in our Highland Township, MI dentist office. Highland Advanced Dental Care is here to help you have the smile of your dreams in 2017, and we are excited to show you what that could look like. Not ...

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Restore Your Gums Without Scalpels or Stitches {VIDEO}

Our Highland dental staff isn’t here to just monitor the state of your teeth. We also look at the health and look of the gums. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is the leading cause of tooth loss and has been connect to problems like diabetes and heart disease. At Highland Advanced Dental Care, we take pride in resolving your gum problems. Great gum health and set you up for ...

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4 Ways to Get a Beautiful Smile By this Time Next Year

We’re reaching the end of the year. Late December is a great time for everyone to begin thinking about goals and dreams for the coming year. Are there things you did well in 2016? Or would you like to try something new in 2017? As a Highland Township, Michigan, dentist, I think about the health of my community every single day. Next year might be the year you decide to officially change your ...

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